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Stand by power : 550KVAl440KW
Prime power : 500KVAl400KW

Standard features
• Engine: PERKINS, 2506C-E15TAG2
• Charge alternator: 24V
• Governor : Electrical
• Generator: STAMFORD, HCI544C
• Single bearing alternator IP 23
• Insulation class HIH
• Radiator 50'C max with coolant cap
• Skid and vibration isolators
• Dry type air filter
• Main line circuit breaker
• 24V battery and cable
• Industrial muffler
• User's manual

GenSet Dimension (LXWXH) Weight
Open Type 3450mm X 1180mm X 1920mm 3984 Kg
Silent Type 5200mm X I 500mm X2686mm 5234 Kg

Voltage Hz Phase Power factor Standby AMP Standby Rating(KVA/KW) Prime Rating(KVA/KW)
400/230 50 3 0.8 794 550/440 500/400

Manufacturer PERKINS 2506C-E 15TAG2 4-cycle
Cylinder/Arrangement 6/L
Displacement 15 L
Bore and Stroke 137mrnx171 mrn
Compress ion ration 16:1
Rated RPM 1500 RPM
Max stand by power at rated RPM 495KW
Frequency regulation, steady state ± 0.25%
Governor type Electrical

Exhaust System
Exhaust gas flow 98 m' /min
Exhaust temperature 550 'C
Max back pressure 6.8kPA
Fuel System
Fuel consumption 100%(of the Prime Power) 106LJh


Oil system
Total oil capacity w/filters 62 L

Engine air flow 36.6 m'/m

Radiator & engine capacity 58L
Max water temperature 108°C
Thermostat 88-98°C

Manufacturer/Type STAMFORD HCI544C
Number of phase power 3
Factor (Cos Phi) O.S
Pole: number 4
Bearing: number 1
Coupling Direct
Exciter type Brush less SHUNT
Insulation: class, temperature rise H/H
Protection IP23